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Here is what our clients have said to us:

  • Dr Makafalani Tatafu and Mrs Kelela Tatafu

    Sincerely do we thank you for the work you do for us through the Catholic Development Fund. There’s an air of genuine love and approachability about you and may God bless you for it.

  • Jim Mitchell, Retired

    I am very pleased with the services offered by the Catholic Development Fund. My accounts earn me interest but more importantly assist the Diocese to finance its many projects. It is a pleasure dealing with the staff. My requests, questions or requirements are always met promptly and this year I transferred my remaining funds to the CDF. I recommend the CDF highly and wish it continued success.

  • Anne Jones

    In the first instance I opened an account so that I could support the Church. After many years I am happy to continue as I have always found everything to go so smoothly in in my dealings with the Fund staff.

  • Sarah Botica

    I have been banking with CDF for a number of years and have found them great. Awesome personal service and no fees apply which is a bonus. I started banking with CDF because I wanted to support the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch. I challenge all Catholics to deposit with CDF. The rewards are never ending.

  • Monsignor Bill Middleton

    The CDF is a marvellous tool for Parish Finances. With internet or phone access, requests made for the transfer of funds are promptly and diligently enacted. I am very grateful for the service given to the Parish over many years and with regular statements provided, we keep an update of our current financial situation and transactions.