Church Clients

Who are Church clients?

  • Parishes
  • Catholic School Boards of Proprietors and PTAs
  • Orders
  • Other Catholic non-profit groups

CDF Account Benefits

  • All deposits in the CDF are guaranteed by the Catholic Bishop of Christchurch.
  • Credit interest rates which are reviewed weekly.
  • All accounts earn interest from the first dollar.
  • No fees of any kind.
  • Flexibility and simple approach.
  • Partnership – common Catholic ethos.
  • Personalised service – you will speak to a real person when you phone the CDF in business hours.
  • A staff member may be available to visit you at your home or workplace.
  • A withdrawal request made by 3pm on any weekday will be processed the same day.
  • CDF Online - internet based service
  • Loans


Loans are only available to church clients, not to individuals, for Catholic development purposes, as approved by the Bishop and the Catholic Development Fund Board of Trustees. Almost every parish in the Diocese has taken advantage of a CDF loan at some stage since the Fund began in 1967.
Loan rates are reviewed quarterly and are available on application to the CDF.


You may need Adobe Acrobat to be able to open the various forms in this website.

Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

If you wish to open a new account with the CDF you need to download and complete a New Depositor form.

Click here for the New Depositor – Organisation form (parish, order, diocesan group, school group, parish group etc)

Click here for Certificate of Identity form (identifies signatories of new accounts and for a change of signatories for existing accounts)

Click here for the CDF Online application – Parish form

Click here for the CDF Online application – Organisation form

Click here for Loan application – Parish

Click here for Loan Application - Organisation

If you do not wish to send a cheque with your application form, please phone for alternatives.

Please mail all completed forms to:

Freepost 91749
Catholic Development Fund
PO Box 4544
Christchurch 8140

New Depositor form

Please print and complete all spaces, including the following:

  • A password known only to yourself is required in case you wish to withdraw money over the phone or make another inquiry about your account.

  • Your bank account number is required for withdrawals – the easiest method is for us to transfer money to your bank account electronically. If you don't have pre-printed deposit slips, please cut the top off a bank statement showing your name and bank account number.

  • The identification section is required by law and must be completed by one of the persons listed. (Most people find their priest or school principal to be most convenient.) Alternatively a photocopy of a document is also acceptable eg driver's licence, passport etc.

  • Your signature is required on the back of this form.

Cheques are to be made out to “Catholic Development Fund”. Or please contact us to transfer money online from your bank. Should you have any questions, please phone the CDF on 366 9869 or 0800 40 FUND (3863).

Please post the completed New Depositor form and any other forms to the CDF at

Freepost 91749
Catholic Development Fund
PO Box 4544

Click here for information on making further deposits and or withdrawals, once your account is open.