CDF trustees and staff deliver good news to the Bishop of Christchurch for the 2022-23 financial year.

CDF Chair Graeme Wilson is pleased to announce that at the CDF’s Annual General Meeting, a distribution of $450,000 was made available for the Bishop of Christchurch to continue supporting good works within his Diocese.

Mr. Wilson commented “With our strong capital base and investment policies, we are confident that the CDF will be able to continue to support the Diocese going forward…We will provide loans to enable our Diocese to evolve, and we have the financial capacity to do so. The surpluses we achieve will also provide ongoing benefits to the Diocese.”

Bishop Michael was very grateful for this distribution, commenting that the CDF “provides a practical way for parishes, schools, and business communities to invest in the good works of this Diocese. When reflecting on the 2022-23 results, I am very thankful for the generous and giving spirit of these CDF members whose investment has contributed to this year’s distribution.”

The fund’s values-based approach to investing and lending provides CDF members that not only provides a healthy investment return but also an investment option that impacts community locally. In 2023-2024 the CDF’s annual distribution will enable good works to be undertaken by:
• Catholic Social Services
• Catholic Youth Team
• Chaplaincy Services
• Catholic Education Office
• The National Seminary.

Check out the CDF’s Summary Annual Report online here or request a copy be posted to you via calling 0800 403 863 or emailing

The CDF exists to help the Church achieve its mission by providing loans and funding for activities that strengthen the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.

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