Planning for Christmas and Summer Holidays

Marie Marshall loves to camp. Camping is a regular event in her family’s summer diary, with their next adventure beginning on Boxing Day!

Camping, however, involves site fees and they aren’t always as affordable as one would like. Marie, therefore, has come up with a great way to save for this expense, ensuring it doesn’t get in the way of costs associated with Christmas.

In 2019, when looking for a financial product that encouraged saving throughout the year, Marie came across the CDF Christmas Club Account and was attracted to it as “it’s separate from my regular banking service which makes me feel like my CDF account is special. I don’t see my balance daily but I love it when the CDF contacts me in November to let me know when my funds (including interest payments) can be withdrawn.”

CDF Christmas Club offers added benefits of:

Forced saving as funds cannot
be withdrawn until 01 December

Easy deposits make lump sum deposits
or regular automatic payments

Interest payments credited to your account
on 30 November each year

Efficient management with a personal
account manager, online deposit options, no fees.

What Marie particularly enjoys about her account is the human touch. All CDF Members have a personal account manager. CDF Administrator Mel Perry is Marie’s one point of contact and she sings her praises, stating “Mel’s so helpful. In this day-and-age, it’s unique to have such a friendly and engaging person at the end of the phone.”

Also knowing that Member funds are pooled, reinvested, and provide an annual return for the Diocese to use in supporting pastoral and educational projects, gives peace of mind. As Marie states, “Every little bit helps. Although I only deposit $10 per week into my CDF account I know that my small contribution supports the work Bishop Paul and others are doing throughout the Diocese.”

Plan to save for Christmas

Many satisfied Christmas Club account holders are currently withdrawing their funds in the lead up to Christmas. Some have planned for extra food to share, for their family’s Christmas presents, others for a holiday.

Whether you’re saving for Christmas or a summer holiday, if you would like to be releasing funds this time next year, then consider opening a Christmas Club account.