Deposits & Withdrawals

Making deposits

To withdraw money, the following methods are commonly used:

Phone our office on 0800 403 863 during business hours and request a withdrawal. After confirming your identity, we can electronically transfer the required amount to your nominated bank account the same day (provided you phone before 3.00pm).

Use CDF Online for easy, 24 hour internet access and management of your accounts, including transactions to a bank account held at another institution. (This gives you the ability to pay bills.)

Receive cash in person at Cathedral House, 2/9 Washington Way, Sydenham, Christchurch. Please allow 24 hours notice for withdrawals over $500.  Accessible visitor parking is available.

Making withdrawals

To open an account for the first time, application forms need to be completed. Proof of ID is required by law for this. Once your account is open, there are a number of ways of making further deposits:

Cash may be brought to: Cathedral House, 2/9 Washington Way, Sydenham, Christchurch.  Accessible visitor parking is available.

Telephone Banking and Internet Banking may be used to transfer money from your bank account to your CDF account as if it were a bill payment. The CDF bank account no is 03-0802-0948805-00 (Westpac, Christchurch branch). Your name (surname and initials) is to be loaded as the first reference and your full CDF account number (including the suffix) is to be loaded as the code with no gap before the suffix.

Automatic bank transfer may be used for regular savings after signing a bank authority, which we can supply you with.

Pay deduction is available from some employers for regular savings after we have supplied you with the necessary details.

“Mel Perry (CDF Administrator) is so welcoming… I couldn’t speak more highly of her. She’s very helpful and knowledgeable … for me it’s quite important to know the people who are dealing with my accounts.”
Jim Mitchell with his greatgrandchildren and CDF Administrator, Mel Perry

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