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We’re here to help:

Where possible, we can visit your home, parish, workplace or you’re very welcome to visit us at the CDF Office (accessible parking is available).

In the first instance, give us a call on 0800 403 863 during business hours.

Please deliver your forms to Cathedral House, 2/9 Washington Way, Sydenham, Christchurch or mail to:

Freepost 91749
Catholic Development Fund
PO Box 4544
Christchurch 8140

Public and Business Members

Private Investors - Business Investors - Trusts - School PTAs and Foundations - School Board of Trustees - Catholic organisations - Religious Orders

New Depositor Form - Personal

For individual members

New Depositor Form - Organisation

For non parish/church organisations

Diocesan Members

Parishes - Catholic Charities - Diocesan CDF Members - Catholic Diocese of Christchurch

New Depositor Form - Diocesan Organisations

Parish, Religious Order, Diocesan Group, School Group, Parish Group

Certificate of Identity form

Identifies signatories of new accounts and for a change of signatories for existing accounts.

CDF Online

If you wish to have your existing or new account linked to CDF Online, you will need to print the applicable “Application for CDF Online Internet Access” form. This includes 5 pages of terms and conditions. Please complete and return only the form.




Good News Stories

Sharing good news and testimonials from around the Diocese