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Here is what our clients have said to us:

Janet Verrall, (Parish secretary at Hornby-Darfield, also an individual account holder)

The CDF is a marvellous tool for Parish finances. With internet or phone access, requests made for the transfer of funds are dealt with promptly. Also if we need any advice there is always someone there to be of assistance.

On a personal note, I opened a Christmas Club Account for myself and it has proved to be awesome. Everything and everyone is always treated with care and attention and you really feel valued when you deal with the people at the CDF. Keep up the good work.

Kirsten Tester (Parish secretary at Mairehau)

The Parish has a Call Account and a number of Term Deposits with the Catholic Development Fund.

We move funds between these and our parish accounts on a regular basis and I always find the team at CDF very efficient and professional to deal with.  The new website is clear and very user friendly.   Got a query? Just pick up the phone or email and you have an answer in no time.  I would definitely encourage anyone to look to the CDF for their needs.

Helen Swain

I opened a CDF Account over 15 years ago, initially as  an education fund for our children.
CDF online is easy to access, with Mel and the team readily available to assist with transfers and queries.
It is a safe and secure way to invest, with an efficient management board.
Most  importantly we are happy to know that our investment assists with projects within our diocese.

Marianne Daly

The Diocese introduced me to the CDF in 2009, as I was new to New Zealand. The concept caught my attention, as it invited me to support the mission of the Diocese in a small way that took me beyond our parish and favoured charities. Whether it be a parish or school, all the funds are used to further the mission of the Church.

I recalled a discussion years ago whereby the parish priest dialogued with that parish council about the idea that no one person could ‘buy’ and lay sole claim to the items purchased for the church, ensuring that everyone’s contribution went toward the parish’s needs. Each parishioner knew their sacrifice contributed toward all the ministries, needs and services of the parish. I’ve always remembered that vision.

I opened an account and made a commitment to regular contributions to the CDF. When the quakes came and I heard of the growing needs, and found it consoling to realize that my small contributions were going toward the healing and provisions needed which no one person, parish or Catholic school could provide alone. As Church, we help bare one another’s burdens. The CDF is an easy way to embody this teaching of the Gospel.

Wilma Vertogen (Parish secretary at Papanui, also an individual account holder)

As a parish we are guided by the diocesan norms, which states parish working accounts should not hold an excess of cash in them, but rather this should be deposited with the CDF.
A large parish has a large cash flow. Should there be a balance increase, it is only a phone call or email to the staff at CDF, to have this transferred into one of their account, and visa versa.
With the biggest Catholic primary school in the South Island in our parish, attendance dues are collected and paid each term. The CDF encourages us to transfer money into their accounts, even if it is for a few weeks, as ‘every little bit helps.’ This process has always been trouble free – and the personal touch, from their helpful staff, a bonus.

Personally, my husband and I have had a CDF account for years. It allows us to save each week, without noticing it. When we have that ‘little extra’ we can treat ourselves to a holiday, extra purchases or lend it to the children.
Over the years it has been hassle free for us, with the staff at the CDF always going the ‘extra mile’ and all the while helping the Catholic Church in a simple way.
The personal touch has always been appreciated.