CDF Online

What is CDF Online?
CDF Online allows you to take control of your finances without having to contact our offices.

Whether you need to transfer money from your CDF account to another financial institution or you’d just like to know how much interest you earned in the last financial year – it’s all at your fingertips with CDF Online.

Safe & Secure
CDF Online uses current technology to ensure the security of your savings. It is a browser based system that uses encryption technology and verisign security. You can confirm that your CDF Online session is encrypted by the appearance of a “lock”symbol next to the address bar or at the foot of the browser. We require an original, signed form to register each depositor for access to CDF Online. The CDF issues you with a temporary password when you sign up and you can change your password as often as you like to safeguard your accounts.

Take Control of Your Accounts and Save Time
Organisation with ease – you will have easy, secure access to your CDF accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week allowing you to organise your finances when it’s convenient for you.

What can I do on CDF Online?

  • View your transactions – You can log on anytime and view your transactions.
  • Transfer funds – you can transfer funds from your CDF account to your account at another financial institution.
  • You can also transfer funds between your own CDF accounts or from your CDF account to a CDF account in another name. Transactions entered after 3.30pm will be processed the next working day.
  • Print statements – you can print off transaction listings in a statement form on any or all of your accounts.
  • Set up and alter periodic payments – you can make a regular payment from your account as an electronic transfer.
  • Add or alter personal payee details – you can input the details of regular transfers that you need to make so that the transfer details automatically appear when you request them instead of needing to be re-entered over and over again. Pay your bills online.
  • Interest details – The system can display your interest earned details at your request making tax time easy. You can also print off this information if you need to.
  • Customise CDF Online – You can customize your login name, password and welcome screen details at any time.

Linking your CDF Account to CDF Online

If you wish to have your existing or new account linked to CDF Online, you will need to print the applicable “Application for CDF Online Internet Access” form

– Individual
 – Parish
 – Organisation

This is a one page form with 5 pages of terms and conditions. You will need to complete and return only the form.

If you think you might need to transfer funds from your CDF account to your external bank accounts to a value higher than $2000 per transaction you will need to contact the CDF.

When you log on to CDF Online for the first time you will reset your password.

Getting your completed CDF Online forms to the CDF

Once you have completed the appropriate CDF Online application form please post it to

Freepost 91749, Catholic Development Fund, PO Box 4544,Christchurch 8140.

Once we have received the completed forms we will issue you with a login and temporary password and you will be ready to go online. If you have any questions about completing any forms, please phone 03 366-9869 from Christchurch, or 0800 403 863 from out of Christchurch, during normal business hours.