Every little bit helps – Loretta Iosefo

Loretta Iosefo, from the Stella Maris parish Ferrymead has been a member of the CDF for nearly 20 years. She's an ambassador of both her faith and the Fund.

Loretta, how did you find out about the CDF?

“When I was living in Auckland, my parish priest mentioned it to me. He explained that by investing in the CDF you’re helping others. It wasn’t until my family and I moved to Christchurch in 2002 that Monsignor Barry (latterly Bishop Barry Jones) put me in touch with the CDF office that I opened an account.”


What do you enjoy most about having a CDF account?

“It makes me feel really happy as I believe to share is a good thing. You do something small down here and “he” (God) will do something good when we’re up there. We don’t stay down here forever do we?”


Do you view your CDF investment differently from your retail bank savings account?

“Banks look at your investment differently and charge fees (which the CDF doesn’t do). I hardly touch my CDF account and don’t mind what the interest rate is as I know that sharing some of the income (from my investment) with the Church means I’m making a little bit of difference to the community and the schools. I feel confident that the money (interest) is distributed well.”


What CDF accounts do you have?

“My husband and I have a CDF Savings Account and understand the importance of saving. We encourage our four children and seven grandchildren to do the same.”


Do you think the CDF is important?

“Yes as it’s a way for Bishop Paul to get money for all the work needed to be done in the Church. I sometimes wonder how my little bit of money can help? But I know I am helping in a small way and if each of us does this, together we can make a difference.”


If there was one thing you’d say to someone who may be interested in investing in the CDF, what would it be?

“Every little bit helps. Having a CDF account makes me feel part of the Church and of the community. You feel when you do something for the community that you are part of it – that you’re participating. I like that.”


The CDF exists to help the Church achieve its mission by providing loans and funding for activities that strengthen the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch.

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